A New Startup Has Created a Device That Can Charge Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds

Apr 16, 2014 No Comments by

It takes around 2-3 hours to charge a smartphone up to 100%, but that is about to change. Israeli startup Store Dot has created a new device that charges a phone from completely drained to 100% in just 30 seconds. Store Dot’s battery uses a quantum dot nanocrystal solution that is roughly five times more powerful [...]

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Mechanical Insects Made from Old Watch Parts and Discarded Objects

Apr 15, 2014 No Comments by

The son of a gearhead and grandson to a railroad man, artist Justin Gershenson-Gates has always been surrounded by all things mechanical. A self-proclaimed tinkerer and disassembler, Justin now takes apart old watches and other discarded objects and turns them into recycled mechanical sculptures and jewellery. As he states on his profile page: “My aim [...]

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Geeky Dad Spends Millions Building High-Tech Van for Daughter, Plans to Go Around the World

Apr 14, 2014 No Comments by

Why travel the world by plane, when you’ve got the skills to build a high-tech camper van? Called the “KiraVan”, this giant custom-built all-terrain truck, is capable of traveling almost anywhere in the world, and was created by 61-year-old Californian inventor Bran Ferren for his 4-year-old daughter Kira. It comes complete with a fully stocked [...]

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This ‘Thinking Cap’ Really Does Improve Learning

Apr 12, 2014 No Comments by

The thinking caps we used to put on as kids may have been imaginary, but researchers at Vanderbilt University have built something that sounds a lot like a real one. Using a simple form of electrical stimulation, it seems to speed up the brain’s natural learning process. The team, led by psychologist Robert Reinhart, attached [...]

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Steampunk Work Bench: Antique Looks, Modern Tech

Apr 11, 2014 No Comments by

Even the most ardent 19th century futurists couldn’t have dreamed up this writing desk, which merges modern technology and conveniences with antique aesthetics. When it’s all closed up, the Tempel desk by Swedish designer Love Hultén has a rather mysterious look, with a glowing planetarium locking indicator. Open it up and you’ll find a range of [...]

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Scientists Create Electronics That Can Self-Destruct, Perfect for Spy Missions

Apr 10, 2014 No Comments by

Scientists at Iowa State University have developed new materials that are composed of special polymers designed to completely melt away when a trigger is activated. Practical applications include medical devices that could melt away without harm inside the body, or a covert military device that delivers its data then dissolves without a trace. According to [...]

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5 Mind-Bending Substances You Won’t Believe Are Man-Made

Apr 07, 2014 No Comments by

The amorphous metal pictured above is a solid metallic material that is non-crystalline, and has a glass-like structure. But unlike common glasses, such as window-glass, which are typically insulators, amorphous metals have good electrical conductivity. In the past, small batches of amorphous metals have been produced through a variety of quick-cooling methods. For instance, amorphous [...]

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5 Bizarre Japanese Inventions That Might Surprise You

Apr 01, 2014 No Comments

Vending Machine Dress Believe it or not, a Japanese designer has unveiled a real dress that doubles as a disguise, unfolding to look like the front of a vending machine. It may look decidedly silly, but Aya Tsukioka’s idea has a serious aim. Miss Tsukioka, 31, says she hopes it will help ease women’s fear [...]

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Tea Time: The 20 Coolest Tea Infusers

Mar 30, 2014 No Comments

Tea drinkers already know that you’ll need a good tea infuser in order to enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea. Most of them also know that there’s a seemingly endless number of options out there when it comes to selecting the “best” one. It’s no surprise though really, considering that after water, tea is the [...]

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This is Not an Alien Spaceship, Just a Hurricane-Proof Home of the Future

Mar 29, 2014 1 Comment

No, this isn’t an alien spaceship, but rather just one of the futuristic hurricane-proof homes by Spanish designer Dionisio Gonzales. These structures are located on Dauphin Island, located in the Gulf of Mexico, which boasts approximately 1,200 inhabitants. This area is known for devastating hurricanes and storms that destroy most of the residences built on [...]

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