10 Weird Headphones That Actually Exist

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When it comes to audiophile headphones, Dr. Dre Beats is well known as a high-end product, but what if you’re looking for something a bit weirder? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up ten of the weirdest headphones ever. To get things rolling, we have the Thriller masterpiece above, which was designed by Johnny Lighthands and built by ATOM Creative Solutions.



Teknine Nine Millimeter earphones. Machined copper alloy housing, plated in 18k gold. Price: 250$, and all of the 500 limited edition special issue first run pieces are sold out.


Crazy Objects

Pictured above are series one and series two of the ‘craziest’ earphones Solid Alliance could dream up. Can you believe this insanity? They’re headphones…with objects on them!



Simply unzip your earphones when you want to use them, and afterwards, zip them back up for storage. Innovative YI Sound earbuds concept, designed by Ji Woong, promises to solve the problem of tangled wires once and for all.



These Transformer headphones allow you to wear your choice of Frenzy or Ramble on your ears. We just hope they don’t transform into a bull horn or something while on our ears.


Princess Leia

Whether they remind you of Princess Leia’s hair buns or Princess Vespa’s headphones (Spaceballs), redditor Jacquielonglegs did a great job with this craft project.



Last year Wieden + Kennedy London launched the Nokia Music Almighty Headset Competition, which invited entrants to design a Nokia Bluetooth headset, inspired by their favorite piece of music.


Mario Mushroom

Great deal for Mario! Where I found it: My friends. I had to look it up on Google though. Anyways, Save a Princess (Peach) and listen to your OWN theme song! Works for me!



M&M’s stereo earbuds by Maxell deliver sweet sounds to your ears. The signature M and round shape of the earbuds emulate the candy everyone knows and loves.



I created this prop from sculpey, rubber, and a various pocket watch parts. The prop is fully adjustable and flexible and I lined the inside part with suede leather for comfort.



Each earphone, made by top jeweler Casa Gi based in Belgium, is encrusted with 59 of the highest quality diamonds that have been individually set in 18 carat gold.












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