12 Hottest Gadgets for August 2011

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An infrared Battleship game, a door handle you can lock with your iPhone, an intelligent kitchen oven and more. These gadgets are the first, the best and the latest.




Clean your cooker without chemicals. The Grand Grill Daddy brush drizzles water from its handle reservoir, which the grill’s heat turns into steam, helping loosen grease and char against the brush’s steel bristles.


Tiny Eye


By adding extra reference points to its digital focus system, the Lumix G3 allows photographers to focus on any subject, no matter how small or distant, at a near-pixel level. Tap on the three-inch LCD to magnify an area by four times, and then tap again to center the focus where you want.


Slice More


Stanley’s utility blades stay sharp five times as long as average. The edges are covered with diamond-ground tungsten carbide, to add strength without sacrificing flexibility in the rest of the blade.


Virtual Keys


The Lockitron lets you safeguard your house remotely. Connected to a secure router, your lock is controlled with a smartphone, so you can flip it from anywhere.


Center Channel


Blast your phone’s music library through any surround-sound system. The In Charge Home BT dongle plugs into a receiver’s auxiliary port, connects to your device over Bluetooth, and streams your tunes.


Piggy Backer


If your iPhone’s power runs dry, snap the Third Rail battery pack onto the system’s custom case. The lithium-ion cell will fully recharge your handset in as little as an hour, and, as a bonus, it uses the standard micro-USB port rather than Apple’s proprietary (and harder-to-find) port.


Top Table


Built around a space-saving 13-inch blade, Bosch’s portable table saw has a low center of gravity, making it stable on almost any surface. Its steel base holds the tabletop true without warping, the way plastic models often do.


Smart Stove


Preprogrammed with dozens of cooking sequences and equipped with a food thermometer, this oven can, for example, brown a turkey and then automatically lower the heat for roasting.


Media Streamer


Within its own, closed Wi-Fi network, this 500-gigabyte hard drive can stream stored movies to three devices simultaneously. Its internal battery lasts for five hours on a charge—enough juice to keep the kids occupied on a long car ride.


Water Well


You’ll most likely lose the new Klean Kanteen before it wears out. The stainless-steel bottle and cap are free of paint or plastic, which can rub off, chip, or break.




On one set of AAs, HP’s wireless mouse squeezes out twice the battery life of other mice. It communicates with your PC over WiFi, which uses far less power to transmit location data than the mouse-standard Bluetooth.


Better Battle


A new take on Battleship uses infrared to bring random elements to game play. The game’s eye tracks players’ fleets and hits them with events such as typhoons and spy-plane flyovers.









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