19 Genius Improvements To Everyday Products

Oct 25, 2013 1 Comment by

Your toilet could have a sink on the cistern.

This version is from Japan and is water-efficient in addition to saving tons of space.

Your outlets could be round so you could plug into them every which way.

Your keyboard could be washable.

Your flash drives could display the files they contain.

Or be tear-and-share.

Your cereal bowl could prevent sogginess forevermore.

Your cutting board could also hold your wine.

Or it could measure exactly how much you’re cutting.

Your coffee cup could be edible.

Your knives could all nest.

Your paintbrushes could hang on the rim of paint cans.

Your ice tray could dispense the cubes for you.

Your watch could use its words.

Your luggage tag could shout your name.

You could have flat extension cords to run under rugs.

Your bottle opener could trap the cap.

Your spoon and your chopsticks could become one.

Your fridge could have a camera inside to make grocery shopping a breeze.

Your phone could make it easy to type and walk at the same time.




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One Response to “19 Genius Improvements To Everyday Products”

  1. Jocasta says:

    But many people like soggy cereals

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