9 Implants that make human healthy body even more useful

May 24, 2011 61 Comments by

Here’s a list of 9 ways you can modify your body to be even more useful, from bionic implants to portable power generators.


1. RFID Chips – A nice and easy way to start out with body hacking is to implant an RFID chip into you. An RFID chip is just a passive antenna that’s pre-configured to transmit a specific code when it’s brought near an RFID reader. Generally, RFID is used as a key of sorts; so for example, you can set up your computer or your phone to unlock only when you pick them up. Or install an RFID-enabled deadbolt on your front door and an RFID reader in your car and you won’t need to carry your keys around anymore. It’s completely safe — you can even do it yourself.


2. Medical Sensors - Most people go to the doctor when there’s something wrong with them, at which point it’s too late to take much in the way of preventative measures. Sensor systems implanted inside our bodies would be able to detect even the faintest little whiff of something like cancer, alerting us when we’ve still got plenty of time for treatment. A couple years ago, a professor from MIT developed a 0.2-inch-long implant embedded with nanoparticles that respond to cancer cells, but much more is possible. In the near future, we may all get implants with entire arrays of nano-sized virus and disease detectors that can send instant alerts to our cell phones. And our doctor’s cell phone.


3. Energy Harvesters - As anyone who’s seen The Matrix knows, humans have the potential to generate a lot of electricity. The tricky part is finding a good way to harvest it, but one solution is to use piezoelectric rubber films that can be implanted beneath your skin. This “piezo-rubber” is able to convert 80% of mechanical energy (bending or pressure) into electricity, and coupled with an induction coil, you could charge your phone by just pressing it against a layer of energy harvesters right under your skin.


4. LED Arrays - Want something that can outshine every single tattoo ever inked? How about implanting a programmable LED array underneath your skin. Think of it: you could play movies on your forehead, use your palm as a flashlight, or even turn your entire body into one giant music visualize and dance around in pulsing naked glory. And if you just pair your LEDs up with some of those energy harvesters from the previous slide, and won’t even have to worry about recharging yourself.


5. Augmented Reality Contacts - Consider how much time, effort, and money has gone all over the world into developing bigger and fancier and 3D-ier TV screens, all for the benefit of our tiny little eyes. Putting screens into our eyeballs themselves seems inevitable, whether it’s for augmenting our existing realities or constructing entirely new ones. The contact lens in the above picture is just a prototype, but the next generation will contain a wireless antenna plus an array of semi-transparent LEDs that are entirely invisible when turned off. When turned on, they form perfectly in-focus images. Power is wireless too. The only thing to be careful of is that anything that the lenses show you appears inside your eyelids, so like it or not, you’re going to see it.


6. Brain Remote - Yes, soon it will be possible to change channels on your TV and even browse the web while entirely motionless. Intel has been working on brain implants designed to read your brainwaves directly and translate your thoughts into commands that can then be sent wirelessly to a variety of electronic devices, from TVs to computers to cell phones.


7. Bionic Limbs - We’re just starting to get to the point where bionic limbs with nerve integration and brain control work well enough for them to be a viable option for people who need a replacement. In fact, some people who have lost the ability to use a hand are choosing amputation in order to get a new bionic version, which incidentally has a greater range of motion than a human hand, being able to spin around at the wrist. It’s no stretch to imagine that at some point in the future, you might have the option of replacing your hand with a bionic one that’s identical in every sensation, except that it’s ten times stronger, much more maneuverable, and detachable to boot.


8. Bionic Eyes - Our eyes do a decent enough job of letting us get around I guess, but in the absolute sense our biological hardware is a little primitive. We can see three different colors in a fairly narrow spectral range, and we need a large amount of light to do it. Compare that to the eyes of the tiny mantis shrimp, which can see twelve different colors from infrared to ultraviolet while also detecting both linear and circular polarization and performing redundant trinocular depth analysis. Luckily, we can just replace our eyes with cameras, which we can tune to see whatever different wavelengths we want. This pic shows a prototype bionic eye from the Boston Retinal Implant Project.


9. Orgasm Button - A spinal implant designed to alleviate chronic pain has a happy side-effect for some women: it gives them orgasms. The doctor that invented it has patented the design and is trying to convince Medtronic to develop a dedicated remote-control orgasm machine: you’d just push a button or activate an app on your phone and bam, orgasm. The device has also worked for men, and FDA approval is in the works. Expect to pay about $12,000 for one of these on-demand orgasm implants, which are called (seriously) Orgasmatrons.






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61 Responses to “9 Implants that make human healthy body even more useful”

  1. Uncle B says:

    Only in the richer countries where astounding fortunes can be amassed by a few at the top of the corpocracy pyramid! In a Democratic America, same riches of the country would have been distributed more fairly, giving access to decent health care by all of those souls who contributed in the generation of the riches in the first place. In America however, a few Uber-Rich corporatists at the top can dally in a fantasy land of million dollar plus cars multi roomed mansions, private jet planes, and yes, even the sort of medical nonsense described in this article, while the ‘unemployables’ numbers increase daily, even their children disenfranchised, refused even basic medical care, for the ‘sin’ of unemployment. Hitler had at least the courtesy of granting a fast death by gas chamber for his unwanted souls, not a lingering death from lack of sound healthy care. America, or Amerika? You decide.

    • Evan says:

      Amerika or America? Really? That is so cheesy and doesn’t even make sense. One just happens to be in the language that Hitler spoke. It sounds like you are making implications towards German people, not the Nazi society Hitler envisioned. Dumbass oder Vollpfosten?

    • Nico says:

      Godwin’s law… By the rules of the internet, Uncle B automatically loses the argument. ‘Nuff Said

    • Yurk says:

      First sir, your unwarranted attack on America is quite offbase. America is a democratic- republic first off, no matter how poorly it functions. Second, If you want to get into the fact that politics are the reason why money stays with the few and not the many, you’re completely off your rocker. Economic systems are the reason it stays with the few, which yes, is impacted by the government, but it is an economic issue nevertheless. And furthermore, to your comments about Hitler and the unemployment rate and such; we do have something, it’s called welfare, and it’s certainly a better option than a gas chamber. Please check your facts and history before you make outrageous, overly hateful claims against not necessarily the most awesome country in the world, but definitely a fairly decent one.

    • Kalesh says:

      Anyhow this is a really cool list man. America, or Amerika? Don’t know man what to say.

  2. Mike says:

    So let me get this straight. Your wonder gismos help me to be augmented with the side benefit of later being tracked, controlled and eventually turned into a Borg. Nice.

    • Zadkiel says:

      Yes, that’s what scares me as well with the rfid chips. Doesn’t anybody else cringe at the mention of “passive antennas” inside your body?
      You won’t even have to activate something to be located, whatever the situation, and that’s just scary to me. And to answer to uncle B and Evan: he isn’t totally wrong you know? Of course, you can tint constataion that these pieces of tech will be far from cheap at first with any and all political or philosophical viex you have. But still, i can’t shake off the feeling of unnecessary information gathering and surveillance exerted by governments, especially in the united states (EU resident here)

      Anyway, please reply.

      On the other hand, if you get the underskin led resolution small enough, i’m getting one of those babies asap!

      • H Chad says:

        RFID tags don’t have a long range, especially so if they are fully passive. They would require a reader within a few metres to be able to send out a signal – think travel cards (Oyster, Suika), they need to be within a few inches from the reader to send off a signal, so there is no need to be worried about having RFID tags implanted.
        Also, the RFID tags would not be able to hold much information considering how much energy they use. The kinds of things it would be used for can easily be tracked through other methods anyway.
        If anything, I would be more worried about not being able to update the RFID tag easily.

        • wh66 says:

          You couldnt be more wrong.

          Look up “passport scanners” on the internet. Modern passports have small passive rfid chips.

          Yet a novice can easily build a scanner that will read a chip from over 100 feet away across a terminal for instance.

          Not only does a ID rfid chip enable the authorities to track to a greater extent individuals, it allows fraudsters to get your identity, pass keys to locks and steal from you.

          Try to educate yourself before making stupid comments.

  3. hieronymous says:

    @Uncle B

    huhuhu… yer just jealous!

    sorry for the inanity, but i’m certain large swaths of america would endorse such a pig-stupid comment.

    you’re right on the money. good comment.

  4. wathapend2urfase says:

    I can’t wait for that future. Man will be able to live as long as he wants and I am sure gene-splicing will come in next that way we can photosynthesize to get nourishment.

  5. M says:

    Uncle is an socialist idiot.

    Peeps that are failures need to stop procreating and wondering why they cannot afford to feed 5 kinds and how they will pay for their health care.

    Health Care is NOT a right.

    • a says:

      its a right in canada

      yah we are truly that awsome up north but i guess thats cuz we are all smart

    • D says:

      Show me a self-made man and I’ll show you an ingrate.

      A lot of Americans’ success is due to the fact that they were born in America, and not a poverty stricken third world country with little resources. Self-sufficiency is a myth. Ayn Rand wrote fiction.

      Seriously man, you should think a little more about the reason we even have a society. Quit bitchin about how much is expected from you and start appreciating how much you have received. Then pay it forward.

      • Pat says:

        You’re all insane.

        Social health-care is ill-advised, doctors have no incentive and everyone gets the same treatment which could often be weak. It would work amazingly if people just cared about doing their best all the time no matter what. Unfortunately, money is how people like doctors are often motivated. In essence failure for Canada, keep trying.

        Secondly, the self-pitying person who thinks success is due to reception of funds or education or great families. You must not have accomplished much in your life so ill tell you a little about mine… 2 years old, parents died, no one around to take care of me, foster child until the age of 5, then from house to house state to state family to family, lived on the streets between the ages of 16 and 18.

        Guess what, I joined the Marines, 4 years later I went to college on a scholarship and became an Officer. 6 years after that, with the monies i saved from the military and my education (all that I earned without anyone’s help or gifts, or mommy and daddy). I went to work on wall street as a broker, I now at 33 make 500,000 grand a year. I also have more then 2million in liquid assets.

        In-conclusion, stop making excuses for yourself or whomever your doing it for, their are millions of stories of people like me who go from “nothing to everything”…

        Yes, rich kids have it easier with their trust funds or what have you. But self-sufficiency is the best feeling in the world. I got to where I am today because of my actions, hardwork and discipline and for NO other reason then those.

        P.S. if your worried about “being tracked” then don’t get it. If people what this stuff, its their choice, ignorance is still bliss.

  6. fatty says:

    gogo gadget orgasm …….rrrrrrrr oh god!

  7. Uncle Charlie says:

    Fuck that. If that’s what the future holds for me and my kids then I’m not having any kids. This is bullshit. More useful my ass.

  8. Truthseeker. says:

    RFID Chips = Beginning of the new world currency, and eventually leading to the government controlling our lives through these chips.

    Everyone deserves to know the truth.

  9. richardsivert says:

    you are the reason the fury of my father will be placed upon man!
    science is nothing to what i know you stupid ignorant people!

  10. richardsivert says:

    you will be the cause of the word enough tick tock angel clock

  11. thelaw says:

    truthseeker is a hippie, but he is right

    • caseywollberg says:

      No, he isn’t right, he’s a conspiracy theorist. Hippies, religious nuts and New Age types find common ground here. That’s because they all have one thing in common: they’re sub-rational.

  12. jazz says:

    this is crazy and funny! –www.tonerrefillstore.com

  13. J.C. Denton says:

    UNATCO are fascists. Death to all Mechs. God out of the Machine! The Illuminati ar ereall!

  14. Rez says:

    i agree with some and some are just innocent or naive. ill try my best to make a simple yet complex matter seem understandable.

    We all know about internet, it sends and receives. Since it Sends, we need to make sure that information does not go to the wrong hands. Hence we created FIREWALL. the first security from a hacker.

    1st, RFID Chip and 6th Remote Control are basically the same thing. Both has the capability of sending and receiving data through radio frequencies. Any and everything is Hackable. So hackers will have some new things to play with. Who knows, they might steal your Credit Card number by simply Standing next to you. You should know all products are licensed by the Manufacturer with lots of laws the customer has to obey if they choose to use it. Its not like this RFID Chip Model is the First and Last, they will improve it. Either by hardware or software. Just like Microsoft collects data to improve their software functionality. This website will show up in Google search because google’s crawler / robot, is storing all the data in this site in their database. Maybe some day one could use the Wi-Fi internet right inside their heads or watch a movie with their eyes close :P , it is a radio receiver and transmitter after all. RFID = Radio Frequency Identification. By the way, isnt using cell phones too much bad for your health?

    • Stev says:

      “Who knows, they might steal your Credit Card number by simply Standing next to you.”

      That already happens. While people in here are freaking out about the dangers to RFID chips in their bodies, they forget that they already have them in their credit cards. A thief with an RFID reader linked to a computer and put in a backpack could walk through a mall and steal dozens or hundreds of credit card numbers just by passing close to people.

      Future tech comes with future risks. I won’t be getting any implants until I know the full risks and benefits, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did end up with a few enhancements in the future.

  15. Mike says:

    Would somebody mind explaining how you can see the HUD as described in 5 when it’s not even over your pupil?

    This is a graphic design kid’s fantasy, and they’re writing about it like it’s fact. They form perfectly focused images? Bitch please. They want them to, so they write it. It’s just like sticking a brand on something on YankoDesign – it doesn’t make it any more likely to actually happen.

    • Jesse says:

      The HUD part you see in the contact lens is the antenna.
      The “semi transparent led array” that shines into the eye are over the pupil.

      They are “perfectly focused” because the item won’t make it to market until they are. No one is going to pay for HUD that is blurry.

      Are these 9 items on the market today? no.
      Are they in the lab being tested today? yes.
      Will they eventually be on the market and affordable? probably.


  16. earn free walmart gift cards says:

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  17. Name says:


  18. Desi says:

    This shit is ridiculous!

  19. Name says:

    If you put these in your body, the privacy thus compromised is deserved.

  20. guy says:

    in revelation 13 it is said that all will receive the mark of the beast on hand or forehead and no man may buy or sell without it.People most likely are not going to be going to tattoo shops to get a tattoo or mark of something most would call evil so what do think they will do…hmm i don’t know.. maybe a RFID chip implanted in your body supposedly for your own convenience! I’m not very religious but i think this is too much of a coincidence to overlook .Even if you don’t believe or have a religion,do you really thin the government would have you implant a chip in your body for something as simple as unlocking a car or things of that sort? I mean c’mon!

    • caseywollberg says:

      It’s not even a coincidence. A “mark” is not an “implant”. You have to do some pretty impressive mental gymnastics to interpret it that way. Anyway, the human brain is susceptible to seeing meaningful patterns where there are none. We famously underestimate the rate of pure coincidences. This folk prophecy about RFID chips is nothing more than obvious eisegesis, not to mention postdiction and apophenia.

  21. Tom says:

    only problem, if we have a solar flare then,
    bionic eye: we would be blind
    brain remote:DEAD
    bionic limb:”I CANT MAKE A SANDWITCH?!!!!!”
    rfid chips:you would have to break into your car
    led arays: meh who cares
    medical sensors: if your about to get sick and you are confident in this thing then you are going to get a bit of a surprise.
    energy harvesters:harvesting energy for nothing.

    also have you watched dr.who, ya cybermen.

    however if we where to work on this just a little more when it is complete we might have a chance

  22. Rich says:

    Of course is would be combining 6 and 9 that would have the most interesting results…

  23. truthspeak says:

    DON’T GET THE RFID CHIP. That is, unless you don’t mind not being able have privacy in your life ever again.

  24. Pedro Hazza says:

    this is stuff is AWESOME! :D

  25. J Override says:

    Wow wish i had a vast amount of cash id turn myself into a cyborg :)

    there are some cool things listed here and am sure they will help people that are in need.

  26. Steve13 says:

    Wow I wish I had Uncle B(ullshit)’s home address so I could drive over in my gigantic gold plated gas guzzling SUV and have my man servant punch him in the face! Get a job you fucking moron!

    American Me

  27. tortellinia says:

    haha i want an orgasmatron

  28. Paul Bann says:

    I have an RFID chip implanted, and worked a treat, although I’m slightly worried about maintenance. It should have a 5 year warranty, but I think it’s on the blink!!!

  29. ViewtifulForever says:

    I just stopped playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and this is the first thing Stumbleapon brings me to. Odd.

  30. daud says:

    hey very nice post how did you collect allll this information ?
    gaming and tech blog

  31. sillycunt chip says:

    I wondered how the System B8stards would try and sell there ultimate control tool..the Chip…They are inplying it could benefit human health by detecting disease etc…Illuminati..STICK THE CHIP UP YOUR EVIL BOTTOM..AHAHA..YOU CAN NOT ENSLAVE THE HUMAN RACE..WE WILL DEFEAT YOUR NWO

  32. Web Design says:

    Its what the us government is going to use in FEMA camps once martial law is in effect

  33. Hi-Density says:

    Great conversational material.
    You kidding about the 8+9,Right!

  34. Jerbs says:

    Whoa.. There are a lot of comments on this blog… I love lamp.

  35. Jerbs says:

    Are you talking about the math captcha? Ehh… I remember the 1st day I used the internet too. :)

  36. zach says:

    fuck that damn orgasm thing will cut down on my booty calls

  37. Aris says:

    Orgasmatrons? Seriously? hah hah

  38. IT Rush says:

    What the heck, no way..

  39. Guy says:

    Mark of the beast anyone?

  40. poop says:

    rfid chips, so fucking what thats what your cellphone are for noobs…. btw government, you can put anything in my butt anyday ;) so can aliens if there are any.

  41. naveen says:

    what great intresting and attractive post. very informative and very very great!! keep it up!

  42. Nitish Kapoor Pardaphash says:


  43. AppSharon says:

    It’s amazing how technology had evolved, and how we are going to use it in our daily life.

  44. Eric N says:

    The implants are quite scary, no one wants to have transmitter under the skin. we know all technology can get ungovernable at some point.

  45. Florin says:

    Imagine that we can have full-time battery charger for our phones ! hehe

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