Foldable boat packs into a portable carry bag

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Foldaboat is made out of a solitary piece of plastic and packs nicely into a 150cm x 60cm parcel.



Foldaboat is a flat-pack recreational boat suitable for flat water environments like canals and lakes. Designed by Arno Mathies & Max Frommeld, the 2.5-meter (8.2-foot) boat is made from a solitary piece of plastic, and after a few simple folds it packs nicely into a 150 x 60 cm (59 x 24 inch) parcel.

“My approach in design is driven by practicality, construction and the exploration of simple manufacturing techniques,” says Frommeld.


The project has yet to make to the manufacturing stage, but we think it would be great for water lovers, campers and potentially as an emergency item for residents living in flood zones all over the world.







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