Holy Inventions

Mar 30, 2012 1 Comment by

These innovative creations, available now as prototypes, are rough drafts for technology that could be transformative when it’s perfected.


Samsung’s Transparent LCD

A demo version of Samsung’s transparent LCD screen shows off its visual slickness.


A highway that charges your car

This concept sketch illustrates the highway-to-car electric charge. The actual electric field is invisible.


A robot that builds itself

A sample Foambot shows off the machine’s ad-hoc flexibility.


Prescription-switching eyeglasses

Don’t forget to charge your emPower glasses up at night.


3D manufacturing

A robotic arm is among the creations Oak Ridge’s scientists have manufactured with their cutting-edge 3D technology.


3D TV – no glasses required







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  1. Independent Politics says:

    Great Inventions. Thanks for sharing!

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