Lazy Cyclists Gets An Electric Boost With The Ridekick Trailer

Jan 06, 2012 1 Comment by

Calling it a trailer is a bit of a misnomer, since the Ridekick actually pushes you.


It’s a 40lbs attachment that ties to the back of any bicycle in 15 seconds, and houses a 500 Watt electric motor. That’s almost a horsepower and it’s enough to propel you forward at up to 19mph, for 8-12miles. Of course range is highly dependent on a number of factors, like rider weight, cargo weight and terrain topography. A simple throttle gives you speed control and there’s even extra storage in there for groceries or a briefcase, as long as these weigh less than 75lbs. At $700, it’s cheaper than most of the low end electric bikes.







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One Response to “Lazy Cyclists Gets An Electric Boost With The Ridekick Trailer”

  1. Namedick says:

    you can also hhok up an old weed whacker motor by using a small rubber wheel on the output shaft. cheap and under a hundred bucks. so go fuck yourselves with this cheap china made BS.

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