Robotech Cyclone Motorcycle

May 28, 2011 1 Comment by

It’s not everyday that you see a custom-built motorcycle, much less one based on the Robo tech Cyclone. Now thanks to the team over at BBB-Bike who decided to spend three years working on this project in their spare time, a great-looking replica of the famous Robotech Cyclone motorcycle, it has become a reality and , it looks amazing.

Have a look.






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One Response to “Robotech Cyclone Motorcycle”

  1. Eric says:

    The customization looks easy to do btw. All you need is to know how to cut and bend metal. err…not as easy as it sounds.

    I remember that anime being very addictive even for me. I’d sit down and wait for hours just to wait for it when I was a kid. The maker should sell it for profits. I hope he doesn’t just made it for himself because if he did, he may have some issues regarding letting go of his childhood. lol

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