The Best Weapons in Games – 25 Guns in 25 Games

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We present you a gallery of the best weapons and those who are first elected in the famous series of the world – renowned games!


DOOM – Shotgun

The standard in Doom ass-kicking, the shotgun became a primary weapon early on, and blowing people away with it never got old.


QUAKE – Rocket Launcher

Credit Quake as the first FPS ever to introduce the use of a now-coveted death dealer: the rocket launcher.


BIOSHOCK 2 – Drill

In Epic’s sequel, you assumed the role of a big daddy, complete with a super sized right hand drill.


HALF LIFE 2 – Gravity Gun

Keeping in tradition with Valve’s known reputation to push creative boundaries, the gravity gun allowed you to pick up virtually anything and launch it at your enemies. Thankfully, there were an abnormal amount of saw blades just lying around.


THIEF – Bow & Arrow

One of the original death dealers that kept you quiet and allowed you to stealthily kill from the shadows, the bow and arrow has been mercin’ the baddies since the dawn of human kind.


TEAM FORTRESS – Sniper Rifle

Man, this brings us back. The sniper rifle from the original Team Fortress was a precision tool of death, allowing you to charge your shot to inflict more damage. In fact, if you landed a fully charged shot on an enemy, anywhere on their body, they simply exploded.


WOLFENSTEIN 3D – Machine Gun

We figured the standard, middle-of-the-road machine gun in Wolfenstein was an MP40, but we can’t be sure. Point is, this trusty guy stayed in your inventory throughout the game and became an accredited Nazi slayer.



The shock rifle was a blast (ha!) when it made its debut in the original Unreal Tournament, allowing you two modes of fire including a charge shot. Much like the sniper rifle in Team Fortress Classic, if the shot was fully charged, only pieces remain.


BULLETSTORM – Plasma Leash

The plasma leash is just awesome; do what you will once you latch on to an enemy. Throw them on a giant cactus! Off a cliff! Or swing them towards you and kick them into a wall of spikes. Yipee!



If you chose the path of Mordecai the hunter, the bloodwing becomes something extremely deadly. If you spend time upgrading it, the hawk eventually becomes a lookout that can be deployed to find opponents and damage them.


PREY – Bow & Arrow

The bow and arrow in Prey was important for more than its lethality—when the protagonist went into the spiritual realm, it was the only weapon he could take with him.


DUKE NUKEM 3D – Shrink Ray

Arguably one of the coolest guns in the gallery, the original shrink ray allowed you to shrink a foe to a couple of inches of height, and then stomp on them like bugs.


MDK – Bullet Cam

The massively underrated MDK featured one of the first guns with bullet tracking; when you fired the sniper rifle, the camera would follow the bullet and allow you to steer your shots. Few know this innovation took place so long ago.



Maybe no weapon has ever inspired as much QQing as the AWP, the legendary CounterStrike sniper rifle so powerful that you could shoot a man in his big toe and watch him keel over on the spot.


HALF LIFE – Crowbar

Now as much of an icon as Gordon Freeman himself, hacking crates (and enemies) apart with the crowbar was oddly satisfying.


DEUS EX – Dragon’s Tooth

Deus Ex is a classic shooter, but gun design wasn’t one of its strong points. Fortunately, midway through the game JC Denton can acquire the Dragon’s Tooth, a.k.a. a freakin’ lightsaber. Not only was it bad-ass, it was crazy-powerful, meaning most players found room to keep it in their inventory.


FALLOUT 3 – Railway Rifle

One of the best examples of crafted weapons in Fallout 3, the Railway Rifle is both fun to use (it shoots railroad spikes, for goodness’ sake) and powerful.


DOOM 3 – Flashlight

What’s that, you say? A flashlight is not a gun? No, no it’s not. But apparently duct-tape doesn’t exist in the future of Doom 3, and neither does sensible interior lighting, which makes the Flashlight the most useful thing in the game.


LEFT 4 DEAD – Butt of Any Gun

Who needs ammunition when you can swing any gun around like John Henry on speed?



Nothing promotes teamwork like Team Fortress 2’s medigun, which can heal your teammates, or promote a nearby Heavy into an invincible, chokepoint-smashing battering ram.


PORTAL – Portal Gun

What would Portal be without the portal gun? Not very fun, that’s what.



Back in the day every arena shooter needed to have its own version of the BFG—a gun that was, well, really effin’ big. The Redeemer was Unreal Tournament’s biggest, baddest gun, and it was a thrill to use.


BATTLEFIELD 1942 – Satchel Charge

The satchel charge could be used by engineers in Battlefield to sabotage enemy planes and defenses, or (more hilariously) to transform a run-of-the-mill jeep into a deadly explosive projectile.


TRIBES – Spinfusor

The weapon that formed the basis for most Tribes players’ arsenals, the Spinfusor launched deadly exploding blue Frisbees.


TRIBES 2 – Mortar

Only available to players in slow-moving heavy armor, the Mortar was strong at medium range and devastating at long range with spotter support.











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2 Responses to “The Best Weapons in Games – 25 Guns in 25 Games”

  1. Tulle says:

    danger weapons ha ha :)

  2. Rick Beckman says:

    The list isn’t complete without mentioning…

    … “Goldeneye 007″‘s RC-P90 or the golden gun (hehe, or the Klobb!)

    … pretty much anything from the “Turok” franchise. Turok was a man who walked around with items such as the cerebral bore, personal singularity generator, or portable nuke.

    … “Perfect Dark”‘s Farsight XR-20 makes any other sniper rifle seem like a baby’s toy

    … the Experimental MIRV from “Fallout 3″ torched the landscape by launching EIGHT mini nukes at once

    … “Fallout: New Vegas” has the Euclid’s C-Finder, a gun used to target an orbital blast laser.

    … surely there was something worthwhile in “Serious Sam,” but my memory fails me.

    … and of all of the bazillions of guns in “Borderlands,” the bird gets the mention? I’ve seen shotguns that fire a spread of rockets, a rocket launcher that fires helixes of multiple rockets, submachine guns that can incinerate enemies in seconds… not to mention the turret used by one of the four characters, which has the ability to protect, heal, regenerate ammo, AND lay waste to enemies.

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