The Thinnest House In The World

Aug 04, 2011 2 Comments by

We’ve featured some really ultra-thin houses in the past — and then some more around the world, but nothing like the Keret House, an impossibly slim structure that will be built in a crack between two buildings in the Wola, a district of the Polish capital city of Warsaw.

At its wider point, the house will be just four feet. At its thinnest, it will only be 28.3 inches. And yet, it seems like a cute, fully functional house. If you are a tiny alien or Etgar Keret., the Israeli writer who will be living in it.

Designed by Centrala architects, the house will be built from a three-dimensional steel frame, covered with plywood and insulation panels finished with concrete cloth. My favourite feature: The spaceship-like stairs that go down to let people go inside.






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2 Responses to “The Thinnest House In The World”

  1. Paul T. says:

    Actually Wola is a district of the Polish capital city of Warsaw, not a separate city.

    Great design though! Small yet functional :)

  2. Uncle B says:

    5000 Years Ago, Moses Said To Israel, “Pick Up Your Shovels,Mount Your Asses And Camels, And I Will Lead You To The Promised Land.”

    When Welfare Was Introduced, Roosevelt Said, “Lay Down Your Shovels, Sit On Your Asses, And Light Up A Camel, This Is The Promised Land.”

    Today The Government Has Stolen Your Shovel, Taxed Your Asses, Raised The Price Of Camels And Mortgaged The Promised Land To China
    Evelyn Roach Smith

    “Functional” A magic word, erased from the American psyche by the Great American Corporate Propaganda Machine. Likely reason for America’s rapid demise today.

    Remember the 60′s, cars with wings? For Chrissake!
    SUV’s Shiiteing drive shaft bearings on paved highways?
    McMansions, foreclosed, no body makes enough to pay for them?

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