World’s first anti-laser

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World’s first anti-laser

After all these years, scientist have built world’s first device which can bring to an end a laser beam.  The device is capable of absorbing an incoming laser ray completely. Physicists said that this device isn’t going to be a defense against high-power laser weapons. They think it could be used in next-generation supercomputers which will be built with components that use light rather than electrons.

Recent advances in laser design have resulted in a number of unusual devices that do not fit the traditional concept of a laser. Instead of amplifying light into coherent pulses, as a laser does, it should be possible to create a device that absorbs laser light hitting it – an anti-laser.

They have now succeeded in building one

Their device focuses two lasers beams of a specific frequency into a specially designed optical cavity made from silicon, which traps the incoming beams of light and forces them to bounce around until all their energy is dissipated.

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