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Tokyoflash radiation level LED concept watch looks rad

Apr 28, 2011 by Administrator

In the wake of the recent disasters that occurred in Japan, people all over the world are getting worried and paranoid about living in the country, which has led to a surplus of radiation detection devices in recent weeks. Here’s another one to add to the list, except that it doesn’t tell you if a place is radiation free or not. While it’s still at concept stage now, the radiation level LED concept watch looks a bit like a classic Casio digital watch with its whole face thrown out for this fancy looking face. The watch tells you the time through the usage of colorful bars and that light up according to the time. The watch even has a charging indicator to let you know when the phone is charging – with so many different lights on the interface, it’s no surprise if the gadget is a battery leech.

The design of the watch is also actuality similar to a previous watch that Tokyoflash actually sold back in the day called Radio Active. This latest rendering is a more polished version of that watch and features a more streamline design that indicates the hours, minutes, charging indicator, and minute groups.  It would actually be interesting to see such a watch become a reality. Watch a video showing how the watch works after the break:

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