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Tiny Timekillers: 21 Fantastic Games Under 5MB

Modern games don’t leave much to the imagination. Sophisticated graphics engines, powerhorse PC hardware and enormous production costs have created games with a level of fidelity we couldn’t have even imagined just 10 years ago. It’s a great time to be a gamer all over the world.

Still, with all the focus on production values, it’s easy to forget about what matters the most: gameplay. To help remind everyone that gaming greatness is more than skin deep, we’ve rounded up 21 games that pack a ton of great gameplay into a tiny package. So read on–you’ll want to download every one of them, and for once, you can!

Desktop Dungeons Reduces complex Roguelike gameplay to small, puzzle-y chunks perfect for workday coffee breaks.

Nethack – The ultimate Roguelike. A fantasy-themed dungeon crawl with almost-infinite replayability.

Cave Story – The ultimate tiny game. Great gameplay, charming graphics and tons of atmosphere, all in less than a megabyte.

Chalk – Looks like a side-scrolling shooter, but it’s not. Draw chalk lines with your mouse to defeat enemies.

Hero Core – An eerie shooter with super-retro graphics and a catchy soundtrack.

Castle of Elite – A solid, challenging puzzle platformer with a brick-building twist.

DoomRL – Want to check out a roguelike, but high fantasy isn’t your thing? Check out DoomRL, the roguelike based on Id’s hit shooter.

Kryzta – A multi-directional shooter, minus the shooting. Trick enemies into defeating themselves.

Jumpman – Turns traditional platforming on it’s head… Literally.

Icy Tower – Icy Tower may not be the first “jump up a tower” game, but it sure as heck beat Doodle Jump.

Liero – First released in 1998 and played an modded ever since, Liero is a fast-paced, realtime take on Worms-style artillery combat.

N – The game of hair-pullling frustration and exhilarating near-misses. A great test for expert platformers.

Legerdemain – A roguelike with a strong focus on story and setting.

Nikujin – Seems simple at first, but a complicated set of movement controls makes this ninja-themed platformer deeper than it looks.

Noctis IV – This ancient, DOS-based space simulator is still oddly beautiful. Explore all the planets and stars in a giant, lonely galaxy.

ROM CHECK FAIL – What would happen if an old arcade machine didn’t make it past the ROM CHECK screen? Things would get wierd, that’s what.

rRootage – This abstract, “bullet hell” style shooter features four unique game modes, and hundreds of bosses to defeat.

A7Xpg – Another game from rRootage creator ABA Games, A7Xpg features multi-directional movement.

Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage – A tiny game for two. Co-op platforming action on a single computer.

Viriax – Like Dr. Mario, but in reverse, Viriax puts you in the role of a virus wreaking havoc on a human body. Macabre, but addicting.

Warning Forever – Another vertical shooter that chooses to do away with the schlubby minor baddies in favor of all boss fights, all the time.