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I agree with some and some are just …

Aug 26, 2011 by admin

Comment posted 9 Implants that make human healthy body even more useful by Rez.

i agree with some and some are just innocent or naive. ill try my best to make a simple yet complex matter seem understandable.

We all know about internet, it sends and receives. Since it Sends, we need to make sure that information does not go to the wrong hands. Hence we created FIREWALL. the first security from a hacker.

1st, RFID Chip and 6th Remote Control are basically the same thing. Both has the capability of sending and receiving data through radio frequencies. Any and everything is Hackable. So hackers will have some new things to play with. Who knows, they might steal your Credit Card number by simply Standing next to you. You should know all products are licensed by the Manufacturer with lots of laws the customer has to obey if they choose to use it. Its not like this RFID Chip Model is the First and Last, they will improve it. Either by hardware or software. Just like Microsoft collects data to improve their software functionality. This website will show up in Google search because google’s crawler / robot, is storing all the data in this site in their database. Maybe some day one could use the Wi-Fi internet right inside their heads or watch a movie with their eyes close , it is a radio receiver and transmitter after all. RFID = Radio Frequency Identification. By the way, isnt using cell phones too much bad for your health?

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