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The list isn’t complete without mentioning… … “Goldeneye 007″‘s …

Comment posted on The Best Weapons in Games – 25 Guns in 25 Games by Rick Beckman

The list isn’t complete without mentioning…

… “Goldeneye 007″‘s RC-P90 or the golden gun (hehe, or the Klobb!)

… pretty much anything from the “Turok” franchise. Turok was a man who walked around with items such as the cerebral bore, personal singularity generator, or portable nuke.

… “Perfect Dark”‘s Farsight XR-20 makes any other sniper rifle seem like a baby’s toy

… the Experimental MIRV from “Fallout 3″ torched the landscape by launching EIGHT mini nukes at once

… “Fallout: New Vegas” has the Euclid’s C-Finder, a gun used to target an orbital blast laser.

… surely there was something worthwhile in “Serious Sam,” but my memory fails me.

… and of all of the bazillions of guns in “Borderlands,” the bird gets the mention? I’ve seen shotguns that fire a spread of rockets, a rocket launcher that fires helixes of multiple rockets, submachine guns that can incinerate enemies in seconds… not to mention the turret used by one of the four characters, which has the ability to protect, heal, regenerate ammo, AND lay waste to enemies.

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