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Innovative Digital Pen by Wacom

Sep 09, 2011 by Administrator

Known for a range of tools that digitize freehand drawings, wacom has designed the ‘inkling’, a wireless pen and receiver set that tracks one’s pen strokes, enabling the immediate upload and editing of drawings on a computer. The ballpoint pen itself is using Wacom’s pressure sensing tech to detect the amount of pressure put on the strokes when drawing. There is a 1024 levels of sensitivity could be detected, and all of them will be detected and converted into a digital version.

Users can store up to 50 independent projects at one time on the device. pen strokes are recorded as long as there is a line of sight between the ‘inkling’ pen and receiver, a button on the latter of which enables the creation of new layers in a design that are then accessible for editing in photoshop, illustrator, and autodesk sketchbook pro. When you’ve done the sketching, you can easily collect the result by connecting the wireless receiver to your PC via the including USB cable.


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