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Outstanding Hotel in India – The Park Hotel Hyderabad

The Park Hotels group is a pioneer in the luxury boutique hotels industry in India, creating hotels with a strong emphasis on innovation and contemporary design. Style and luxury are emphasized throughout the hotels, from paintings, furniture and accessories to award-winning dining and entertainment concepts.

The partnership is in line with Splendia strategy to offer its customers the most unique hotels around the world. Alice Heber, APAC Hotel Business Director at Splendia, explains:

We are very pleased to be working with The Park Hotels. Their hotels, which are contemporary and design-orientated, really stand out within a market that usually focuses on more traditional, heritage properties. We have a shared passion for continued product and service innovation, as well as stylish luxury, and feel sure that the hotels will prove popular with Splendia customers.

In the complex of three buildings that can accommodate 270 rooms and all these rooms are located on several levels. They continued jewelry theme, rooms decorated in golden and silvery tones, and decorated with mosaics, made from drawings by local artists. The first floors of the hotel are shopping and entertainment area. You can see an art gallery; dine in a banquet hall or restaurant, and after the luxury Indian stores. You can get into the yard through the lobby. From the veranda open views of the magnificent lake and Hyderabad Hussain Sagar.

This is a 531,550 sq ft, 270 room hotel infuses a modern, sustainable design with the local craft traditions, and is influenced by the regional reputation as a center for the design and production of gemstones and textiles. It features a facade of perforated metal acting as a sunscreen to reduce heat. The architects have taken into account the day lighting and solar gain to reduce energy consumption in lighting and cooling of the hotel. Aiming to maximize the energy consumption, the architects were able to reduce the energy demand by as much as 20%.

The Park Hotel adhered to the guidelines instituted by the Government of India, by installing an on-site water treatment facility. The on-site equipment treats sewage and grey water generated in the building and uses it for irrigation on site. Additionally, water storage tanks in the building collect and distribute rain water for non-potable use inside the hotel. So it is able to reuse the dirty water that recycles waste water before discharge into municipal sewers. At the same time energy consumption in the building is reduced by 20%.

Here is a swimming pool with glass bottom, which is the ceiling of a nightclub on the floor below the water passing through the sun rays make it an unusual lighting effect. But the main highlight is the hotel rooms. In their design the architects took into account the trajectory of the sun. Surprisingly, the facade protects a shield of perforated and embossed metal panels, a figure which the authors were inspired by local jewelry traditions. Screen pass to the premises diffuses daylight.

The final design combined sustainable, energy-efficient, and performance-based design results with regional, environmental, and cultural sensitivity to allow for design and performance evolution through multiple inputs.

The interiors continue the jewelry concept with silver, gold and gem tones throughout. Many of the interior surfaces, including the mosaics, reflect local designs, which were implemented by artists and craftsmen from the region. The materials used in construction and interiors of the 7 stars Park Hotel in Hyderabad have a significant amount of recycled materials.

The final selection for glass is 35mm insulated glazed unit by China Southern Glass, thicker than the industry standard IGU of 24mm. The unit make up was a 6mm laminated outer light, at 24mm air gap, and a 5mm inner light with a double low-e coating on the outer surfaces. Aside better heat insulation, the glass was chosen because it offers better sound insulation. The cooling loads generated from solar heat gain were approximately 20% lower than the baseline model.

The Park Hotels is India’s only collection of contemporary luxury five-star boutique hotels currently located in Bengaluru, Chennai (two properties), Kolkata, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Kerala Backwaters and Hyderabad. The company plans to open new hotels in Goa and Kerala along with upcoming properties in Jaipur, Kolkata and Pune. Central downtown locations, efficient services, exciting dining and entertainment options, state-of-art spas and health clubs, in-room business aids, edgy art, and luxurious spaces, all make us a natural choice for the business and leisure travelers.