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Innovative design – Folding Portable Computer ROLLTOP!

Apr 07, 2011 by Administrator

Rolltop is a portable computer system concept that has been designed for active people who always dream of a portable computer that can stun both the users and other people around with its superior functionality and esthetics of course.

Rolltop is actually a world folding computer concept that resembles with a roller painter, when unfolded through a similar action of a roller painter, it turns into an all through touchscreen display with the ability to work as a conventional laptop or a full fledged 17 inch screen for better visibility. The core, named as base, features power cord, loudspeaker, webcam, USB port and many more, making it an all-in-one portable computer solution with a never-seen-before design. The backside can be decorated with a variety of options as per the user’s preference and includes a stand to give the flatboard a standing position.

Designer: Evgeny Orkin


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