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The Chances of Success for 3D

With 3D technology exploding onto the scene, consumers do not know what to buy and what to stay away from. Many people end up paying thousands of dollars for a brand new piece of equipment, and then six months to a year later a newer version is released. Now with the announcement that there will be 3D Phones, people are not sure what to believe and are afraid of wasting their money on a product that will soon be obsolete. Many people believe that 3D phones will soon outsell 3D televisions, but others believe that a newer version of the TV is going to be released in time to compete with the newer phones.

It is true that everything looks as if it going 3D, but there are many bugs in the 3D technology that it will not be perfected anytime soon. Recently, there was an announcement at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011 that showed the newer versions of 3D TV’s and cell phones. The new technology shows that the need for glasses will no longer exist. With this technology the 3D will be viewed completely without glasses because the TV will transmit a signal that tricks the human brain to believe that it is actually three-dimensional.

With all of the new 3D technology that is becoming available to the public, comes a lack of content for this new technology. In the near future there is going to be at an attempt on a 24-hour 3D television network to see if it can be done and how good the visual effects are. Now with so many movies choosing to go with the new style of television, it’s causing a panic among the people that do not want to change to 3D. The regular TV shows and movies are not going to disappear anytime soon, and they probably will never disappear due to the fact that there is only a small percentage of the population that is willing to change completely to 3D.

As for 3D cell phones, this new direction that the companies have chosen to go most likely will not pay off. While cell phones are an important part of everyone’s daily lives, the demand for this particular style of phone is almost non-existent. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of people prefer to have their phones look normal because the advantages are very slim while the price disadvantage is quite large. Many people that have the extra money may try the new phones to see if they are anything like the technology in the TV’s. While many people will be highly curious and will want to get look at the phones, curiosity is as far as this technology will go.

The chances of the new 3D cell phones to outsell the 3D TV in 2011 is very slim at best. The facts remain, the demand for 3D is very small and even smaller for the phones. The companies that are manufacturing these products are likely to lose a huge amount of money, but it will be too late before they realize their mistake.