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Fourth generation (2011) Kindle

Dec 05, 2011 by Administrator

As is usually the case with a hardware update, the latest Kindle is smaller, lighter and faster than its predecessor. However, the reductions in size and weight do come at the cost of the physical keyboard found on previous models. In place of the full QWERTY keyboard, the Kindle now sports just five buttons below the screen – Back, Keyboard, 5-way controller, Menu and Home – with the Previous and Next page buttons on either side of the device and a power button on the bottom edge rounding out the buttons on offer. Whether the loss of the physical keyboard will bother you or not will really depend on what you intend to use the device for.

See the entire device below.

Micro-B USB port and power button on the bottom of the 2011 Kindle.

The in text menu options.

One of the standby screens.

At 6.5 x 4.5 x 0.34 in (166 x 114 x 8.7 mm), the 2011 Kindle fits in the alm of a hand.

The five physical buttons under the display on the 4th-gen Kindle.

The Kindle user guide.

The Pearl E ink display is readable in direct sunlight.

The in text menu options.