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New Dell Alienware’s Gaming Laptops

Mar 16, 2011 by Administrator

Rumors of an imminent expansion of Alienware’s gaming laptop range are nothing new, but till now they have only been restricted to talk of an 18-incher supposedly called the M18x. However, new pictures posted on a forum named dell.benyouhui, and spotted by Notebook Italia, point to not one but two new Alienware laptops from Dell. The previously unheard of second laptop happens to be a 14-incher reportedly called M14x.

There isn’t a lot we know at this stage. According to the dell.benyouhui forums, the M18x boasts a 1080p display and features the option of either two AMD Radeon HD 6870M GPUs in CrossFire mode or two NVIDIA GTX 460M chips in SLI. The source expects the M14x to feature either an Nvidia GeForce GT 555m or AMD Radeon HD Radeon HD 6730M or 6770M. Release dates or prices for the two gadgets are not yet known.


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