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10 Upcycled Gadgets for Your Home and Office

Nintendo Controller Desk Mate

This cute creation upcycles an old Nintendo 64 controller into a handy desk mate. Plus, the old D-pad has been converted into a USB extension.

Camera Phone Lamp

Camera-phone — get it? Dog Tag Designs creates desk lamps by combining old gadgets into quirky refabs.

iMac Pet Bet

Look, it’s an iCat! Etsy seller Atomic Attic converts old iMac monitors into comfy pet beds.

Cassete Table Lamp

Don’t you love it when something useful doubles as art? RawDezign assembled old cassette tapes into a lamp that emits a subtle glow.

Floppy Disk Box

A simple statement is just as effective.

Apple Laptop Cover Clock

Pixelthis manufactured a working clock — complete with mouse pendulum — out of an old iBook laptop cover.

Retro Phone Handset Speakers

Designers Jinsop Lee and Justin Kim have created what they call “The Dreyfuss Special,” an old phone handset that has been upcycled into stereo speakers. Plug in your iPhone, iPod, computer, etc.

The Dockintosh

While it’s not for sale, we had to give major props to Mat Taylor for his “Dockintosh” creation, an old Macintosh repurposed as an iPad dock.

Vintage Camera iPhone Charger

Roberto Altieri transformed an old 1970s Pentax camera into a stylish iPhone charger.

Vinyl Record Coasters

Check out these vintage-fab coasters, which are made out of upcycled vinyl records.