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Portable 50kW wind turbine moves green power to where it’s needed

Wind power is one of the few green energy sources that has really caught, but most wind generators simply dump their power into the existing electricity grid. But what if you want power in a place that’s off the grid? This concept called the Portable Power Center (PPC) from Uprise Energy could provide the answer.

Most big wind generators are permanently built into the ground, but the PPC has been designed to fit into a single shipping container. Pop open the container open you’ll find a trailer with the fold-open wind turbine built in, and a truck to pull the whole rig.

Once you’re on the road, you can drive to the nearest rock festival site or campground that happens to fall off the established power grid, and in less than two hours you can be cranking out 50,000 watts of juice.

In addition to electrical power, Uprise says that they plan to make it so that the generator can churn out hydrogen, but that seems somewhat less realistic considering how tough it still is to find any large scale hydrogen generators at this point.

In the animated video below you can see how the whole rig sets up, although I find it pretty ironic that the truck used is a Hummer, the poster child for non-green vehicles.