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Aquastar lets you scoot – underwater

Remember the scooter craze that happened around a decade ago? Yeah, where kids as well as adults alike start traveling around on those highly portable two-wheelers, letting those who commute using their legs primarily zip around in double quick time. Well, it seems that the idea has been brought forward to the underwater world in the form of the Aquastar – of course this model will not come with wheels since it won’t have any need for those when you are submerged, but at least you can bring a date along with you with this.

The Aquastar AS2 two-seater scooter is a reality after going through intense design and engineering moments, and the fact that you have someone to accompany you underwater at the controls ought to do away with any fear of drowning in the deep, leaving you and your partner undiscovered for centuries. The AS2 is touted to be the perfect form of “transport” for couples who want to explore underwater wonders in an extremely safe environment, as both riders are free to dismount, swim around and climb back aboard.

It must be noted that the diving helmet has been carefully integrated into the scooter’s body, where the rider’s head will go inside an air chamber within the helmet that will be constantly supplied with air from scuba tanks. These scuba tanks are able to last up to 70 minutes when attached to the front body of the scooter. Apart from that, the helmet itself sports a flat fog resistant glass, and is 99% distortion free so that you get to enjoy a clear underwater experience while reducing the noxious feeling that is commonly associated with the bubble top models of yore.

Since this is a newer model, it makes perfect sense for it to be sleeker, faster, and much lighter than its predecessors. A couple of electric motors will power this scooter, one for forward movement and another for vertical movement, in order to deliver precise control, maneuverability and safety. If you know how to operate a motorbike, this works in a similar manner.