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12 Hottest Gadgets for June 2011

Sprinklers that read your lawn’s mind, 3-D phones, speakers that adjust the sound for your location and more other gadgets.

Air Control (Daymak)

Daymak’s electric bike does away with external cables, which can be damaged. Instead, controls at the handlebars communicate with the bike’s electric throttle and regenerative brakes via radio signals.

Dual Display (Fujifilm)

Look through the viewfinder on Fuji’s X100, and you will see not only your subject but also your shooting settings, such as ISO and shutter speed. An LCD reflects the data through the viewfinder’s glass prism.

POV Pocket Racer (Hot Wheels)

Get the car-eye view from a camera in the hood of new Hot Wheels racecars. These 1:64-scale models capture up to 12 minutes of You Tube-ready video. Play it back on a one-inch LCD on the lower chassis, or transfer it via USB.

Voice Activated (Super Tooth)

Speech-recognition software in the Super Tooth HD speaker translates your words into Facebook updates, tweets or texts. You’ll never have to type and drive again.

Corner Master (Craftsman)

Mow around tree trunks and birdbaths in one continuous circle. The front wheels of Craftsman’s lawn tractor swivel outward on turns so they won’t impede the blades, giving the mower an eight-inch turning radius, the tightest in its class.

Smart Water (UgMO Technologies)

UgMO’s sprinkler monitor knows when your lawn is running dry. It uses buried wireless sensors to transmit moisture readings from the soil to a base station, which adjusts the watering schedule.

iGlasses (Hasbro)

Transform an iPhone or iPod Touch into a 3-D View-Master. Hasbro’s goggles work with a suite of free apps to place you on a tour able pier in L.A. or deep inside a shark tank. A wall in the goggles makes sure each eye sees only the image meant for it.

Hear Me Now (Aperion)

Click a button on the remote from your couch, and this home-theater system determines the distance between you and each speaker to within an inch. It then adjusts every speaker’s volume and timing for your exact spot.

Stealth BBQ (black + blum)

Outdoor cooks cramped for space may still have room for this mini 12-inch barbecue grill. When not in use, the stainless-steel charcoal grills hides beneath a fully functional herb garden.

3-D Phone (LG)

The first smartphone available in the U.S. to display 3-D without glasses, the LG Thrill can also capture 3-D video and five-megapixel stills with its dual-lens camera. Its LCD has a thinly striped barrier to direct separate images to each eye. LG

Audio for Video  (Nikon)

Nikon’s plug-in stereo mic filters out in-camera sounds, such as the whir of an auto focus motor, from your DSLR video. It cuts noise with a series of vibration-dampening gaskets.

Hydroelectric Music (H2O)

This water-pressure-powered radio runs off the flow from your shower. When connected between the showerhead and a handheld hose, it channels water through an internal turbine, which drives a generator that plays your tunes.