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12 Hottest Gadgets in May 2012

The five-megapixel Twist webcam can be reshaped to fit on any laptop or monitor. Its four-inch silicone arm bends to clamp onto even the smallest bezels, while its rubberized texture prevents slippage.

Ravensburger Augmented Reality

Players get more than satisfaction when they finish one of Ravensburger’s jigsaws. The user scans the puzzle with an iOS app, and image-recognition software identifies and animates the picture. A shot of Paris by day cues up a panorama of the city at night, complete with fact bubbles for popular sights.

Petzl NAO Headlamp

To save power, the NAO headlamp auto-adjusts depending on how far away the wearer is looking. A sensor on the front of the lamp monitors reflected light. Based on how long it takes light to bounce back, a processor adjusts the width and brightness of the beam—from seven to 335 lumens.

NuForce Air DAC Wireless System

NuForce’s wireless adapter transmits CD-quality audio. Users plug the transmitter into their music source, and it beams audio to a receiver attached to any stereo within 100 feet. Unlike Bluetooth, the system modulates its transmission to whichever frequency has room for high-bitrate files.

Pedrini Press n’ Pour Cocktail Shaker

Pedrini’s cocktail shaker is guaranteed to never leak. When the bartender shakes a drink, a silicone diaphragm that lines the lid traps all the liquid inside. To pour, he pushes the lid down, which in turn moves the edge of the diaphragm away from the 28 pour holes along the rim.

Craftsman D-Handle Garden Spade

Stepping on the head of a wet shovel to dig through tough clumps of dirt can land gardeners flat in the mud. For traction, Craftsman designers gave the D-Handle Garden Spade a perforated steel step, which provides users with a more stable place to put their feet.

Physical Apps TheO

This eight-inch foam ball creates a virtual bowling alley. Users place a smartphone inside a four-inch-deep pocket in the ball. They load an app and roll the ball at a synced Wi-Fi-ready TV displaying the lane. As the ball rolls, the app monitors the phone’s accelerometer to determine which pins will fall.


The HTC One X’s preloaded music app aggregates all of a user’s local media and streaming tunes in one place. Rather than having to hop back and forth between apps, such as a media player and Spotify, a user can browse and search one unified library.

Gerber Steady Multi-tool

Gerber’s multi-tool doubles as a tripod for smartphones and point-and-shoots as heavy as 12 ounces. Two three-inch rubber-tipped legs fold out to prop the tool upright. Photographers can mount a camera with a standard tripod screw or a phone with a silicone suction cup that adheres to the phone’s surface.

Wilson Juice 100 BLX

The more a racket vibrates, the more likely it is to aggravate existing injuries like tennis elbow. Engineers at Wilson added six basalt-and-carbon strips inside the handle of their newest racket. The naturally absorbent basalt stops uncomfortable tremors before they reach the player’s arm.

Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine

Most drip coffee-makers drizzle hot water over coffee grounds through a single nozzle, which can overbrew the grinds in the middle of the filter and make coffee bitter. The Bodum Bistro directs water through a 2.75-inch silicone showerhead to spread water evenly.

Genius DX-ECO Mouse

The new cordless mouse from Genius draws its power from an ultracapacitor instead of a battery. Rather than using chemicals to store energy, the ultracapacitor uses two carbon layers to create an electric field. The device can recharge up to 100,000 times—about 100 years of use.