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17 Most Imaginative Business Cards

This card by Jamie Wieck sprouts a mini plant after four days of soaking.

Amplifying Current

Aaron Alai designed a fully operational business card, demonstrating how transistors amplify current.

Amplifying Current

Phil Jones, Ryan Coleman, and Jeff McCullough designed this really cool card for Yoga One.

Bending Muscles

If you take this class, you’re supposed to be bending like the card.


A personal trainer who already has you working out while you’re thinking about hiring him.


The moment that apple logo appears, people are sold.

Useful One

A card that doubles as a Caliper as well.


Showing you know how to be an optometrist.

The Catapult

Bryce Bell showing his skills in mechanical engineering.

For a USB Revelation

When inserted into a USB port, the business card reveals  its creator’s resume and cover letter.

Card into Chair

Some cards challenge those getting them, like this Balsa wood turning into a chair.

Tasty Dog Coaching

Saves you the money you’ll be spending on dog food.

Biscuit Business

The Bombay Bakery pulling quite a successful and tasty stunt.

Professional Circumcision

I’m not sure I like this Mohel.

Photography Tricks

A translucent photography business card.

Divorce Specialist

This guy will make sure you stay separated.

Plastic Surgery

If you weren’t sure what he actually does.