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Photos of disassembled gadgets turned into digital quasi-X-rays

Nov 06, 2011 by Administrator

These photos aren’t X-rays. They’re photos of old gadgets gently taken apart, each individual part photographed, and then digitally composite to form a beautiful fake X-ray-like photo. Now, that’s what I call patience.

Creatives are some of the most patient people. They do things not because they always make sense, but to discover an internal beauty. I would say Max de Esteban’s “Proposition One” series does just that. His photos reveal the inner beauty of gadgets; something often never looked at until they hit the junkyard.

The photos can be found at the Klompching Gallery in New York until December 9.

Max de Esteban’s photos are purchasable too and come in two sizes printed on Hahnemühle Cotton Rag or Durtran — all signed, titled and numbered. 20.7 x 27.6-inch images will cost $1,500 and 39.4 x 52.5-inch ones will run $3,000.


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