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10 Summer kids toys that grownups will love

HandTrux shovels

All over the world kids will love playing in sand at the beach with these HandTrux shovels! They can pretend their bodies transform into construction equipment. Adults love it because they can tell their kids that digging up flower beds and scooping up dog poop is a game. Child labor has never been more fun!

The Year ‘Round Sled

Whether you’re on a snow-covered hill in the winter or a lush grass-covered hill in the summer, the Year ‘Round Sled lives up to its name. In the summer, ice molds that attach to the bottom of the sled are removed, filled with water and frozen – providing a slick surface to propel kids down hills with short cut grass. And the best part is that these “kids” can be up to 200 lbs!

“Angry Birds” dodgeballs

The game “Angry Birds” is coming perilously close to wearing out its welcome thanks to a merchandising blitz that puts even “Star Wars” to shame, but we have to admit that these dodgeballs actually make some sense. These rubber birds will be ready to terrorize pigs on the playground starting later this month. And if one of these pigs happens to be green, that’s probably because he got pelted in the stomach with an “Angry Birds” ball after gorging himself on a summer meal of pizza and saltwater taffy washed down with an ICEE.

Live Action Infrared Skeet Shooter

Spend a lazy summer afternoon grilling in the backyard and shooting skeet with an infrared gun. Disks are ejected from the trap up to 7-feet in the air at either 2-second or 10-second intervals. When a target is “hit” with an infrared beam from the gun, it will break apart into two pieces. The gun must be “reloaded” before each shot with a pumping action, which will be rewarded with a realistic loading sound. The product page claims that the 7-foot launching height makes it suitable for indoor use, but that seems like a recipe for disaster.


The PoolJet is a battery-powered mini sea scooter designed for kids. It’s great for new swimmers or advanced kids that want to try their hand at some underwater acrobatics. The product page claims it’s good for kids “4 and over”.

RC Cars

I loved playing with RC cars during my summer breaks when I was a kid. I would still love them, only as an adult I would demand something a bit more sophisticated. Something like this record-setting Schumacher Mi3 built by Nic Case. It features a carbon fiber chassis, and 11 horsepower motor and a top speed of 161.76 mph — well enough for a word record. Failing that, I would love an RC truck that’s capable of towing a car.

Water knee hockey

Combine a Slip ‘n Slide with an air hockey table and you have yourself an awesomely fun summer afternoon. Thirty tiny nozzles line both sides of the rink, spraying 24-inch high fountains of water across the playing surface from a standard garden hose. Players can then snapshoot the oversized plastic puck into the inflatable goals using a plastic hockey stick. Of course, a fight is inevitable (this is hockey after all), but instead of fists you can settle your differences using the next toy on this list.

Super Soaker Thunderstorm

There are bigger Super Soaker guns on the market (like the new Hydro Cannon), but if you want a rapid-fire precision weapon — reach for the Thunderstorm. It’s fully automatic with a range of up to 25-feet and it utilizes magazines to reload. That means the muscles in your arm won’t atrophy as you frantically try and pump up the Hydro Cannon 20 times for a full-charge blast. The Hydro Cannon may shoot more water than the Thunderstorm, but it’s kind of like bringing a musket to a machine gun fight.

Sinking Titanic Inflatable Slide

This 25-foot tall inflatable Titanic slide simulates what it must have been like to slide down the deck of a gigantic sinking ship to your doom.

Cardboard box wheels

It seems that a big cardboard box is always more entertaining for kids than the gift inside it, which is why you might want to grab some of these reusable cardboard box wheels. It will keep kids busy outside for hours as they imagine that their cardboard box is actually a race car or a spaceship (draw the line if they head for the pool and try to launch an amphibious car), and you’ll save tons of money on summer toys.