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Luxury limousine comes fitted out with drinks cabinet, computer system and even an exercise bike

For most of us, taking a trip in the car means missing out on certain luxuries which we enjoy at home.

However, for anyone wealthy enough to own this luxury limousine, that needs not be the case.

The opulent vehicle comes fitted out with a number of incredible features, including a built-in exercise bike which can be used whilst sitting back in one of the leather seats.

The vehicle also comes with a burr wood trimmings drinks cabinet, large screen HD television, surround sound system, wifi and computer system.

There is also the option of armour plating for those high profile oligarchs or even politicians around the world who believe they need the security.

The Cadillac Escalade ESVconversions vehicle has been made by US custom company Becker Automotive Designs.

The vehicle costs between £83,500 and £161,000 depending on the final specifications.

In advertising the vehicle, the company says: ‘Gaining the edge in today’s competitive business environment means using every minute of your busy day to its best advantage.

‘The Becker Cadillac Escalade ESV allows you to transform travel time into some of the most tranquil, focused and productive time in your schedule.

‘Powerfully equipped-with all of the comforts and amenities of the office at your fingertips, for those who appreciate the value of time.

‘Manage correspondence, access the internet and get news and market updates on a full sized display integrated into the cabins Crestron-controlled privacy partition.

‘Make calls and hold conferences when others simply cant. Becker’s full mobile office suite allows voice and video communication any time.

‘Conduct meetings in your quiet, spacious “boardroom” and even produce documents on demand.

‘Take the rush out of rush hour. Spend your private time any way you like. Watch a movie, or just rest and relax in a spacious interior that no European sedan or limousine can match.

‘Meanwhile, its unpretentious exterior means only Becker owners will know what its like inside.’