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13 Great Outdoor Grills

These 13 super-cool modern grill designs will tempt you to cook out as often as possible. Bright colors, stainless steel, sculptural details and smart sleek designs make these grills worthy of a prime spot in even the smallest outdoor space.

Plancha by Christophe Calanca

What does this look like to you – perhaps a sort of retro-futuristic mid-century-modern table? Surprisingly, it’s actually an ultra-chic barbecue grill by Christophe Calanca. The ‘Plancha’ is an automatic gas grill with a brushed stainless steel frame. It’s set on casters so you can easily wheel it around your fancy poolside patio when you’re throwing exclusive Hollywood parties. It even has a mini range and an integrated mini-fridge.

Elegant Beltempo Hotwater Gas Barbecue Grill

The warmth of tropical Cumaru wood contrasts with the cool smooth sheen of stainless steel in the elegant Hotwater gas grill by Italian manufacturer Beltempo.  With two large wooden wheels for easy movement, the Hotwater includes a cast iron cooking plate and butcher’s block in addition to the grill.

Focus Creations Wall-Mounted Barbecue

Grills don’t get much more minimalist than this. The wall-mounted barbecue by Focus Creations folds up and out of the way when not in use for brilliantly unobtrusive outdoor cooking that won’t clutter up your yard. Perfect for postage-stamp plots of land or possibly even balconies.

PLEK 66 Modern Mounted Grill by Rocal

This is not just a stunning wall-mounted barbecue grill – no, nothing as simple as that. It’s covetable for its looks alone, a modern work of art for your outdoor space. The PLEK 66 by Rocal is available in black, red and stainless steel.

PUUUR by Barbecook

Offering more even, healthy cooking, the PUUUR by Barbecook in white, charcoal and cerulean features a unique ‘deflector’ lid that reflects the heat of the charcoals back onto the food while also allowing smoke to escape. This helps reduce some of the toxins associated with barbecue smoke, while also ensuring that dishes are cooked on top and grilled on the bottom.

Kalamazoo Sculpture Grill

Not only is this high-end liquid propane grill a work of art for your yard, it literally brands your food with the design of your choice. Visually stimulating curves and a custom laser-cut stainless steel cooking surface aren’t the only standout features this grill has going for it; it puts out an impressive 50,000 BTUs.

Flowery Onafalos by Smartech Italia

The simple stainless steel flute of the freestanding Onafalos grill by Smar tech Italia can be customized with fun, colorful petal-like corian panels that provide a sizable work surface. The combustion chamber and chimney are hidden within the cone of the grill, which also features a drain tray to collect cooking liquids for easy cleaning.

Walzer BBQ by MOM Design

For enthusiasts of traditional grill shapes who just want a touch of color, the Walzer BBQ by MOM Design is a fun option. Made of stainless steel with a bright glossy stand in red, yellow or green, the grill can be completely dismantled for cleaning and storage.

Diago Freestanding Grill by Focus Creations

Focus Creation offers another minimalist grilling choice, this time a free-standing option that doubles as a fireplace. The unusually shaped Diago makes a statement in bold black.

Stunning Kinzo Grill and Table

Modern, luxurious, custom installed – this concrete table with an integrated grill is perfect for parties. Berlin-based design firm Kinzo has created an outdoor grilling center that blends in with contemporary home design, making it seem like part of the architecture.

Minimalist Electrolux by Jeppe Utzon

Architect Jeppe Utzon teamed up with Electrolux to produce this gorgeous, ultramodern barbecue grill made of corian and stainless steel. The grill is hidden underneath protective stainless steel panels slide out to provide a cooking surface when the grill is in use.

Conmoto ‘Magic’ Fireplace/Grill Combo by Fried Ulber

It’s a grill. It’s a fireplace. It’s a wood storage rack. But the Conmoto ‘Magic’ isn’t all utility – it’s got head-turning looks, too. The removable grill portion is simply lowered onto the fire box to transform its usage.

3 Artistic Grills by Fire & Steel

The ultimate in sculptural barbecue grill design comes from German manufacturer Fire & Steel. These hanging steel charcoal grills dangle the cooking rack over the fire within three frame shapes – the ‘Tripod’, the ‘Scorpio’ and the ‘Circle’. The rack can be raised or lowered for optimal distance from the charcoal via a chain pulley.