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January 2013′s Hottest Gadgets

The Ouroboros wireless mouse is the fastest responder on the market. A laser and optical sensor detect the tracking surface 10 times quicker than competitors. The resulting one-millisecond response rate puts gamers at a distinct advantage.

Goal Zero Sherpa 50

At less than three pounds, the Sherpa 50 is the lightest solar panel and recharger available. Six hours of sunlight fully charges the 13-volt lithium-ion battery, which can power a USB-connected cellphone for up to 50 hours.

GoPro Hero3

Under three ounces, the Hero3 is the highest-performing video camera of its size. It shoots in 4K—a resolution normally used in cinematic cameras. Action-seekers can snap the Hero3 to helmets with a special mount or film from afar using a remote.

Lexar 256GB SDXC Memory Card

Photographers usually carry extra memory cards, but with the SDXC, there’s no need: At a quarter terabyte, it’s the highest-capacity card in the world. To create more space, engineers placed the storage cells on top of one another, rather than alongside.

Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard

Typing on a Quiet Pro Keyboard produces just 45 decibels of sound—the noise level in a library—making it the quietest mechanical keyboard ever built. To reduce clacking, engineers installed 1.5-millimeter rubber dampers underneath each key.

Brother MFC-J4510DW

At 11 inches deep, the MFC-J4510DW has the smallest footprint of any multifunction inkjet printer. Designers reoriented the paper tray from the traditional portrait to landscape, so it sits entirely inside the printer. And the jets cover more of the page at once, making printing faster.

Fellowes 73Ci

The 73Ci shredder is virtually jam-proof. Paper fed into the mouth encounters a sensor, which measures thickness and signals the motor to run at the appropriate torque—too much paper and it shuts off. Fifty-six pairs of rotating blades cut each sheet into 399 pieces.

Wilson Steam 99S

With enough spin, a tennis ball that looks like it’s soaring out of bounds will drop right inside the court. A player using the Wilson Steam racket will add more than 200 revolutions per minute to his shot. Engineers decreased the traditional number of horizontal strings by four; with fewer strings to flex, the remaining ones snap back faster on impact.

45NRTH Wölvhammer

Bicyclists don’t always break for cold weather. Wölvhammer biking boots will keep their toes toasty. The fleece-lined inner boot has a two-millimeter layer of Aerogel to insulate against a pedal’s cold metal clip. The outer shoe, made from waterproof Cordura, has a polyurethane-coated mudguard.


With the Pogoseat app, fans in an arena can upgrade their view of the action mid-game. After picking an empty spot from an overhead-seating chart, users pay the difference in ticket price from within the app and move on down.

LiveScribe Sky Smartpen

Notes taken with a LiveScribe Skypen automatically sync to Evernote. As a writer scribbles, a sensor on the pen’s tip tracks movement. A Wi-Fi radio then uploads files to the cloud, so users can access their notebooks anywhere.

Worx SD SemiAutomatic Driver

With the Worx SD SemiAutomatic Driver, DIYers will never fumble to change screwdrivers again. A rotating cartridge holds up to six tips; users cock back the top of the driver to spin the cartridge and release a spring, which pushes the next one into place.