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9 Coolest Clocks Ever Made

Watching time go by is really boring, but you’re already really bored if you’re watching your clock for more than 5 seconds. In order for time-watching and waking up to an alarm clock to be a bit cooler, these fine specimens have been developed.

The Star Wars Starships and Fighters Clock

Meaning of Time Clock

Somewhat of a DIY clock, that allows you to use anything you want through the mechanism that is supplied to you in order to keep track of time.

Googly eye clock

Instead of the traditional hands pointing at the time, you have two eyes staring at you, creeping you out, and telling you what time it is through analog fashion.

Danger Bomb Clock

If your dream of being in the bomb squad never fulfilled, this Danger Bomb Clock that will wake you up with an explosion sound. To disable the alarm you will have to pull out just one code from three and the safety code is set randomly every morning.

Fruit Powered Clock

A digital clock/calendar powered by fruit, emulating the original battery that utilized lemon juice.

TaskWatch Whiteboard

A standard whiteboard but with the addition of a traditional analog clock in the center. Using regular whiteboard markers you can not only use the board for brainstorming and jotting down ideas, but you can also keep track of when you’re expected to do stuff.

Giant LED Clock

An ingenious storage system doubles as a giant LED clock, concealing red 7-segment LED displays for each digit in the edges of the storage cubes.

Bike Clock

Using old bike parts to provide the mechanism for this huge clock that is more an art object than an actual useful piece for time-watching, but it’s still extremely cool.

Pong Clock

A random game of Pong is played, and when it’s time to change minutes or hours, one of the two sides will score, thus changing the score and the time.