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15 gorgeous gadget gifts for geeks who care about design

This tech ranges from cute to beautiful, but each one has a little special something that makes it a gorgeous gadget with an especially clever design and a great pick for the 2012 gift-buying season.

Slingbox 500

Watch TV anywhere. I know, it sounds like a beautiful dream, but this is no joke. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows in full HD at 1080p on your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or TV with this sleek little gadget. The compact design is ready to travel with you, keeping you up-to-date on all of the latest and greatest TV happenings.

iHome iP4 Boombox

Harkening back to the days of yore, the iP4 gives nostalgia a makeover. Just hook up your iPhone or iPod and, voila! You have an instant dance party on your hands. It comes in black, blue and bright pink (if you’re feeling a little extra sassy).

Ferrari Earphones

As the winter draws near, there’s lots of holiday music going around. Whether you want to tune in or not, these stylish earphones are sure to get attention wherever you go. We think this is a pretty great way to share your passion for the brand without, you know, buying a Ferrari.

Nike FuelBand

If you’re itching to get out for some exercise this holiday season, but need a little motivation, ask for this helpful sidekick. The Nike+Fuelband measures your daily activities and tracks your progress over time towards a goal. And if you aren’t that into fitness, get it for a loved one. Look at how cute it is!

Lytro Camera

There’s no need to focus the pictures you take with this pint-sized camera, because you can focus it after you click the shutter. It’s ideal for quick, hassle-free snapshots that you can edit to perfection later. So, grab some friends and get snappin’.

Williams-Sonoma Bluetooth Speaker

Here’s an elegant solution to kitchen multi-tasking disasters. You know you’ve been there: this phone rings and you’re elbow-deep in the mixing bowl. Sure, you could call back later, but this speaker lets you talk or even watch cooking videos while you prepare your latest feast. We’re pretty sure that your favorite TV chefs would approve.

Portable Charging Station

Keep track of all of your small gadgets in one handy little case. Charge as you go on any of the four USB ports. It’s the perfect travel accessory. Constantly struggling with a tangled mess of cords was getting kind of old, right?

Wii U

Streamlining is taken to a whole new level with this controller. Forget that cumbersome TV and bask in the glory of a 6.2-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio LCD touch screen. It’s so beautiful, we can’t look away.

Withings Baby Monitor

Use this high-tech monitor to keep a watchful eye on your little one. Its interactive features allow parents to talk with their child and control noise, movement, temperature and humidity with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. What a fun idea for tech-savvy expectant parents.

Libratone Zipp

There’s no need for a Wi-Fi connection with this gorgeous portable speaker. It uses AirPlay to deliver crisp sound and can be directly connected to an iOS mobile device, PC or Mac. We also love the different cases, available in classic and “funky” colors.


Stream video on your TV with this user-friendly gadget. Roku prices are reasonable and it’s a simple, fun player to have around for your video watching needs. There are four different models to pick from.

Acer Aspire M

This super thin ultrabook has a sophisticated look that can power all of your mobile needs. Anyone on your holiday shopping list would be thrilled to get this sleek machine. But we won’t tell if you keep it for yourself.

GoPro HERO3 Camera and Wi-Fi Remote

If you or a loved one is more of the adventurous type, a GoPro Wi-Fi-enabled camera is just the thing. It even comes with a remote for taking photos or video from a distance and it has waterproof housing for surfing or other watersports. What’s the point of all these extreme activities if you can’t impress people with the footage later on?

Samsung S27B970 Monitor

We never knew we could feel so strongly about a computer monitor, but this Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 is downright beautiful. Yes, it’s pricey, but just looking at it makes us squeal with glee. Added bonus: If you buy this for someone in your family, you get to enjoy it too.

Cowon Dashboard Camera

Take great video footage while you drive with this cleverly designed mountable recorder. Who knows what interesting things you might capture during your commute. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll have the proof you need if someone bumps your car and takes off.