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ZBoard Electric Skateboard

Feb 23, 2012 by Administrator

If you are looking for a new mode of transport this electric skateboard named the ZBoard might be just the thing. The ZBoard which was unveiled at CES this year is equipped with a powerful 400w motor that is capable of powering you along the street at up to 17 mph.

Even though electric skateboards have been around for some time, some of which we have featured here on Geeky Gadgets the beauty of the ZBoard is in its drive system. That enables you to control the board with your feet rather than a control pad as with others.

The ZBoard’s front and rear foot pads that are connected to a micro-controller on the motor, and sense pressure enabling you to increase or decrease your speed easily. Simply lean forward to go faster and lean back to slow up.

There are a couple of version of the ZBoard available to purchase starting at $600 and rising to $850 for the pro version. Both of which will be available to shipping on March 15th, and are now ready to pre-order. The ZBoard includes off-road wheels and a built-in handle for convenience, shipping with a charger for 110V or 220V depending on your location.

ZBoard is now on Kickstarter looking to make the jump from concept to production so if you feel its something you could use jump over to the Kickstarter website to make a pledge.


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