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Top 10 Blogs That Were Sold For Millions

Checkout the list of top blog sales.

Freakonomics –


Freakanomics was established in 2005 by Stephen J. Dubner, who was a journalist in New York Times, after huge success of his book (also titled Freakanomics). It shouldn’t be then a surprise that the site was eventually bought by his employer (New York Times) for a sum of $8 million in 2007.

Celebrity BabyBlog

Celebrity Baby Blog (CBB) was established by Danielle Friedland in 2004 to cover news about those who were born with “silver spoon”. Her blog quickly became a success when it started receiving huge amount of hits everyday. And Danielle fully capitalized from her brainchild, selling it for $10 million to Times Inc. in 2008.
TreeHugger –

Created by Graham Hill in 2005, TreeHugger became an instant success due to its quality content on its subject. The site was bought by Discovery Communication in 2007 for a sum of $10 million.

Wonkette – www.

A blog focusing on Political gossips, Wonkette was developed by the famous Gawker Media in 2004 with Ana Marie Cox acting as its founding editor. Sensing another dotcom bubble burst, Gawker Media sold the blog for a whooping $12 million to Mr. Ken Layne in 2006.

Deadline Hollywood –

In 2002, Nikki Finke, a columnist at LA weekly, decided to take her work to the online world. So Deadline Hollywood, which was started as a column in 2002 turned into a blog in 2006. And in a span of three years, the blog got an offer from Mail Media Foundation (MMF). So for a sum of $14 million, she sold her blog to MMF.

Bankaholic –

It was in 2008 when Johns Wu hit the jackpot as he got an offer for his blog Bankaholic from BankRate. He was just 22 years old when he got super rich.

Ars Technica – www.

Developed by Ken Fisher and Jon Strokes, Ars Technica was a blog focusing on Technology related news, reviews, and guides. The blog was established in 1998, successfully faced the dotcom bubble burst, and made its owners super-rich in the end. The blog got an offer of $25 million (in 2008) from Condé Nast Digital which the owners accepted.

Paid Content – www.

A journalist by profession, Mr. Ali created a blog in 2002 with an aim to cover news related to business and digital media. Six years later (in 2008), his blog was purchased by Guardian Media Group for an astonishing amount of $30 million.

TechCrunch – www.

Founded in 2005, TechCrunch became an instant hit due to its quality stuff on technology related subjects. The blog was established by Michael Arrington and was able to sell the blog for an amount of $30 million in just 5 years (in 2010) to

ConsumerSearch –

In 1999, two entrepreneurs Derek Drew and Carl Hamaan established a blog, giving quality analysis on consumer related products. Slowly and steadily, their blog started to gain widespread attention and also came on radars. The blog was then purchased by in 2007 for an amount of $33 million.