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23 Magical tree houses we want to play in

This is how hobbits build treehouses. With Shire magic.

A Dr. Suess dreamworld!

If Rapunzel is your favorite Disney Princess, this is the treehouse for you.

The perfect place to power up your rocket exploration fantasies.

Where you take your friends when showing them the boundaries of your kingdom (everything the light touches).

Who doesn’t want a treehouse that doubles as a pirate ship?

Looks like the greatest slumber party I’ve never been invited too.

Why yes, this is the perfect reading nook for me. A little Nancy Drew anyone?

Guys I found The Burrow! And it’s in a tree.

The Lost Boys redecorated with Wendy’s help.

For the more adventurous among us. This tree house seems more death defying than most.

Probably the most balanced zen tree house of all the cosmic planes.

Cargo net entrance? Next you’ll tell me there’s a slip and slide exit.

A mini Hagrid’s hut? Yes please.

The rope bridge alone looks like a swashbuckling adventure.

Can the Mad Hatter come out and play?

A tree house with BONUS greenhouse? My Secret Garden dreams have come true.

Little House on the Prairie in a tree? Sounds perfect to me.

Some might think an indoor tree house defeats the purpose, but imagine this is your actual room. In your house. That you live in. AWESOME.

Pretty sure this is where they found Jessica Rabbit.

The only thing that could make this tree house more perfect is a white picket fence.

Adventures on the high seas wait!

I would not only play in this, I would live in it year round.