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5 hot alternatives to iPhone 5

After many months of rumours, speculation and leaked info, the most anticipated device of 2012 is finally here, iPhone5.

As popular as iPhone is — selling more than 25 million handsets worldwide last quarter alone (and iPhone 5 pre-orders topping 2 million in its first 24 hours) — they’re not the only game in town. In fact, many of today’s Android phones can outperform iPhone 5, feature for feature, plus Google’s mobile platform is far less restrictive than Apple’s iOS. Microsoft and Research in Motion are also cooking up some compelling iPhone alternatives with its Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 OS smartphones, respectively.

Another consideration: not everyone can buy an iPhone even if they want one, maybe because their carrier doesn’t support it (T-Mobile, for one) or perhaps the cost of Apple’s phone is prohibitive to some (just like their Macs).

And so the following is a look at a few competing smartphones that not only challenge iPhone 5 on a few fronts, but even outshine Apple’s iconic device.

If you want a killer screen, consider: Motorola Droid Razr HD

If you want a solid cameraphone, consider: Nokia Lumia 920

If you want a long-lasting battery, consider: Samsung Galaxy S III

If you want a great-sounding phone, consider: HTC One X

If you want a powerful smartphone that doesn’t break the bank, consider: Sony Mobile Xperia ion