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The SOS parachute that could let high-rise office workers escape in an emergency

High-rise office workers could soon have another option for escaping in the event of a fire or disaster – an ‘SOS parachute’.

Inventor Morris Shahbazi says his emergency chute can open in 100 feet, far faster than conventional parachutes.

He hopes it could soon become commonplace in high rise blocks around the world.

Inventor Morris Shahbayi testing the SOS parachute, which can open in just 100 feet

The ‘SOS Parachute’ can open in 100 feet, making it ideal for workers in high rise buildings who have no other option

The daredevil inventor this week completed the 13th test of the system, and has put the chute on the market after getting permission from skyscraper managers in Panama.

Of 13 jumps, all worked perfectly.

Inventor Morris Shahbazi who was demonstrating the product in these shots started working on the ‘SOS Parachute’ project 12 years ago following the World Trade Centre disaster.

His Panamanian company SOS Parachute has now opened offices in America, Dubai and Singapore and says a London operation is expected to open soon.

It describes the product as a ‘high evacuation system’.

‘My chute opens faster than a conventional parachute and as a result it needs only 100 feet of drop to be fully operational,’ he said.

The jumps took place in Panama, and 13 jumps have been completed successfully

The SOS parachute, which inventor Morris Shahbayi hopes will become commonplace in high-rise buildings